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Travel should be fun; not stressful. Planning a trip to London or Paris is easy – even a 10-year-old can identify the Tower Bridge or Eiffel Tower. Croatia (fortunately) doesn’t share her secrets quite so easily. I have helped over 50 friends and family members plan their trips to Croatia – sailing adventures, wine tours, authentic restaurants, and top-notch hotels and apartments. Contact me for personalized advice and guidance on creating a life-changing trip.

I’m not a travel agent but have been to Croatia enough to know how to optimize flights, ferries (essential when visiting islands), and rental cars. Sailing charters are the best way to see the coast but the options and booking process can be overwhelming. I can help arrange sailing itineraries that take you to some of the most beautiful and unspoiled coves in all of Europe. Nothing feels better than jumping off the back of your own boat into the warm Adriatic Sea!

I’ve earned and burned more than 2 million frequent flier and credit card points over the past 8 years. Don’t waste your points on a middle seat in row 45 – you want to be in the lie-flat seat in the pointy end of the plane. The points ecosystem is ever-changing but I’m obsessed with maximizing my points and can help you, too.

Too many travelers fall in love with Croatia – the islands, beautiful sea, and photogenic vistas – without understanding the history, cultural, and culinary delights. Personalized tours provide access to sights, sounds, and flavors that the average tourist will never experience. I’ve learned first-hand that finding a guide online can be hit or miss. Croatia is a “I’ve gotta guy” culture and I’m lucky to know a network of professionals who love Croatia and are committed to sharing responsible and sustainable experiences. Don’t risk your vacation planning to an Instagram “influencer”.

Reach out and we can discuss ways to make the most of your travels!

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