I’m Allen. I’m a Chicago-based third generation Croatian-American.

I didn’t connect with or understand my Croatian roots until my mid-30s but the past 6 years have made up for lost time. I didn’t know a word of Croatian in the beginning of 2015 but can now hold a decent conversation – and most of it is grammatically correct! I obtained my Croatian citizenship, continue to learn and appreciate the culture, and look forward to the day when I live on Croatian soil.

Croatia is more than GoT tours and Kings Landing. For me, Croatia isn’t a fleeting obsession – it is in my blood and part of who I am. Colin, my husband, and I aren’t fancy travelers who obsess over exclusive hotels or expensive meals (although we have a guilty pleasure in redeeming points for business class flights). We like to have meaningful conversations with the people we encounter, learn about the culture, and better understand the nuances that make each corner of Croatia so unique. I hope you’ll continue reading as we explore the food, entrepreneurs, culture, and nature that make Croatia the most awesome place on the planet. Idemo!